Why TimeMaker Has a Limit on Number of Sent Mail Per Day

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TimeMaker has a limit on the number of e-mails that can be sent per day per user.

Usually, this limit is at 300 e-mails.

The reason for such a limit is SPAM.


In a TimeMaker server, there are usually many databases set up with different users. The danger is that some of the users can send spam messages - which usually comes in the form of sending many e-mails.

Once the user sends such an amount, the spam system of the RECIPIENTS will mark the TimeMaker server as a source of spam and all TimeMaker users within that server will have problems with delivery of their emails - they will all be marked as spam as well.


The limit on a number of e-mails that can be sent is there for protection for you as a user. We've found that 300 e-mails per day for regular communication is more than enough, and if you want to send massive mail campaigns we strongly suggest you use some of the specialized software out there for that purpose.

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