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Statistics are numerical measurements comparing one quantity to another quantity of the same type over a specific time interval. For example Number of phone calls made on Monday vs. number of phone calls made on Tuesday. Statistics can be presented based on user defined Filters.

Statistic Graphs are graphic representations of the statistics.

In TimeMaker, Statistic Graphs can be prepared in a large number of formats based on any user defined metrics.


TimeMaker has two type of Statistics:

  • Automatic Statistics are statistics automatically collected by the TimeMaker Statistics Module. The Statistics Module counts all the actions (Completion, Data Moves, etc.), analyzes these actions and presents the data in graph format.
  • Manual Statistics are statistics collected and entered by the user. Statistics can be simple counts of production, for example, 20 contracts signed or can be based on some additional calculations, for example, every two hours of work on a document counts as 3 points.

All positions within an organization and all types of actions can be measured by statistics. For example, statistics can measure the number of items produced in one week compared to the number produced in prior weeks. Statistics reveal the actual production of an individual, area or organization.


The Statistics module is the management center for the organization's statistics.

It is this feature that automatically analyzes the organization's performance by inspecting the organization's communications.

The Statistics module automatically provides a real-time and accurate picture of the organization's productivity and effectiveness. No manual entry of data is required - it's all performed automatically. Utilizing advanced, user-defined filters, statistics are presented from practically any viewpoint.

The Statistics module is an indispensable management tool.

As a Collector of the Statistic (Junior) You are managed to enter data to company statistics. Also, You can watch and analyze your own result and actions.

As a Manager of the Statistic (Senior - admin rights needed) You can create and tweak Statistics to make your company grow and profit.

For Statistics Gurus there are tools for Statistics Bulk Editting

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