Using More Than One E-Mail Address: Set Up

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In TimeMaker, you may have more than one e-mail address that you use.

To find out how to add another e-mail address you can click here --->Adding Another E-Mail Address

Once you have more addresses set up, you can choose which one to use when creating a TimeMaker Message or E-Mail:


In TimeMaker, we have a few settings that allow you to control the outgoing e-mail address.

They are all in General Settings.


Select "TimeMaker Mail" on the left:


The options are: "Don't use TMMail addresses if not necessary" - if this option is on and you have already added your other existing e-mail addresses, the address with will be hidden from the selection of outgoing mail addresses.

"Set sender address by received e-mail" - if this option is on, the e-mail address the sender sent it to, is the one that is used when replying.

"Default e-mail outgoing address" is your default e-mail for TimeMaker Messages.

"Send production task via" is your default e-mail for Production Items that you send to external users.

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