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From version 1.2.958 TimeMaker will allow you to synchronize any of your contacts with Google Contacts. You will get synchronized all contacts under category My Contacts at Gmail account.

With this feature, you can synchronize your Android phone most easily as it already has a Google Contacts. You can also synchronize your iPhone, in which it is very simple to add the Google Contacts. You can, of course, synchronize any other devices that support a sync with Google Contacts.

We strongly suggest you to create new folder to sync your mobile. If you will synchronize your TM Personal Contacts, you will get ALL of them at your mobile phone. We know that in general customers have contacts with just emails and after the synchronization, your mobile phone with Persona Contacts your phone will show you all you hundreds or thousands of contacts at your mobile. There is no easy way to delete them. So it's just practical to create new folder, name it Mobile Contacts or sync that new folder with your phone.

To start the synchronization, first go to "Properties" of Contacts:


Then select the "Contacts Synchronization" tab and click the button "Get Gmail Authorization ID".


This will open a page in your web browser with your actual Gmail account open and it will ask for your permission. This is a very safe mechanism in which TM will get access to your Gmail Contacts without knowing your Gmail password.

Please check that you have the correct account selected. If yes, allow TM to use this Contacts.

(Note: In some cases, you may need to log into your Gmail before you will be able to see this screen)


Once you see in the field "Your Gmail Authorization ID" many * (asterisk, or stars) ... it means everything is working perfectly.

TM Synchronizes with Gmail every 10 minutes. If you do changes within the TM Contacts, this change is sent within 1 minute.

To sync contactc with your iPhone follow official guide

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