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From version 1.2.769 TimeMaker will allow you to synchronize any of your calendars with Google Calendar.

Important note: TM synchronizes only your main calendar. Selection of sub calendars is not supported.

With this feature, you can synchronize your Android phone, iPhone, and any other devices that support a sync with Google Calendar.

To start the synchronization, first go to "Properties" of Calendar:


Then select the "Calendar Synchronization" tab and click the button "Get Gmail Authorization ID".


This will open a page in your web browser with your actual Gmail account open and it will ask for your permission. This is a very safe mechanism in which TM will get access to your Gmail Calendar without knowing your Gmail password.

Please check that you have the correct account selected. If yes, allow TM to use this Calendar.

(Note: In some cases, you may need to log into your Gmail before you will be able to see this screen)


Once you see in the field "Your Gmail Authorization ID" many * (asterisk, or stars) ... it means everything is working perfectly.

TM Synchronizes with Gmail every 10 minutes. If you do changes within the TM Calendar, this change is sent within 1 minute.

Setup of Mobile Phones

Android Almost every Android phone is already set up to synchronize with Google Account. Just synchronize your TM with the same Account as your phone. But if you create a new event on the phone, make sure that you selected at the event proper Google Calendar.

iPhone You have to set up your iPhone to sync with Google Calendar. There are exact instructions: Sync setting

BlackBerry The older versions of BlackBerry already have the option to sync with Google Calendar, and it works great.

New versions (Q10 or Z10), don't have direct access to Google Calendar. However, you can sync over CalDav. Create a new account and select CalDav.

The "User" is your Gmail address.

The password is your password into Gmail. URL is - where replace your_email_address with your Gmail address.

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