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In TimeMaker you can have more than one e-mail address. If you have an email address that you want no longer to be associated with your TimeMaker please follow the below steps:

1. Click on “Email“.

Remove email 1.png

2. Choose “TMmail Account”.

Remove email 2.png

3. A new window “TMmail Accounts Manager” comes up.

Remove email 3.png

4. Your Company email box (red box below) is your main TimeMaker email (usually set as default). With this email, you can associate your other email accounts (from Gmail, yahoo, your own server, etc.). In the picture below in the green box, you can see associated emails.

Remove email 4.png

5. In order to remove one of the emails first select it.

Remove email 5.png

6. Click on the button “Remove”.

Remove email 6.png

7. If you would like to remove more email addresses repeat the steps above.

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