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If you are going for a business trip or if you are taking a vacation you might want to let your clients know that you are not reachable over the email. You can set up “Out of Office” automatic notification.

1. Click on the “E-mail” button in the Main Menu bar.

Out of Office set up 1.png

2. Select the “TMmail Account”.

Out of Office set up 2.png

3. A new window “TMmail Accounts Manager” opens. Select “Out of Office” button.

Out of Office set up 3.png

4. A new window “Out Of Office” opens. There check it so it is “Active”.

Out of Office set up 4.png

5. Enter the “Automatic answer subject” field.

Out of Office set up 5.png

6. Write the text you would like to appear in the email.

Out of Office set up 6.png

7. Then select if (1) you want the email to your Inbox, (2) or forward it to another TM user and not have it in your Inbox, or (3) have it sent to your Inbox and a copy to another TM user.

Out of Office set up 7.png

8. Then press OK.

Out of Office set up 8.png

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