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Sometimes customers report that they are missing e-mails - some one sends them an e-mail, but they don't receive it.

The reason can be one of following:

1) Mail ended at SPAM

2) Mail was automatically filed by an incoming Filing Rule

3) Mail was recieved and user deleted it or filed it and then forgot doing that

4) Mail was received but then deleted through mobile phone

5) Mail wasn't delivered to TM server

6) Mail wasn't sent

7) There is problem with delivery at the TM side

If you are looking for e-mail and you know for sure it was sent to you, the following steps will help you to find out the problem and in most cases the e-mail.

As a first step Use TM Search to look for the e-mail:


Step 1) IF you find the e-mail, look at the folder (usually stated in the last column in the row where the e-mail is located in Search).

Step 2) IF the e-mail is in the SPAM (or Junk Folder - or whatever other name you have set up for spam) then open the e-mail and click on the icon "Not Junk" (Ctrl+J). E-mail will be moved to the Inbox and the sender address will become "White-listed". That means that from now on all mail from this person will never be marked as spam.

Step 3) IF the e-mail is not in the SPAM folder, but it is found in any other folder, then the mail was moved there by a filing rule or you filed/deleted it and you forgot doing that. Mail that is filed has, at the header, the name of the filing rule that you can click on and then open that rule. The rule can then be deactivated if you wish.


Step 4) IF you don't see such a rule, then the e-mail was filed/deleted by you, or from your mobile phone or by someone else who has access to your mail account.

Step 5) IF you find the e-mail by TM Search, but you can't see it listed in the folder column, then the e-mail was deleted from the mobile phone. There is a delay between deleting the e-mail on the phone end, and physical removal of the deleted e-mail from the server.

Step 6) IF you can't find the e-mail in TimeMaker, the next step is to check that the e-mail was really delivered to you. Most TimeMaker users have a domain (such as Bill@ABCompany.com) and they forward e-mails from THEIR mail server to TimeMaker. Because of this, you have also in TimeMaker the e-mail address that ends with tmmail.org or tmmail.<domain of your country>. It's explained further in Adding Another E-Mail Address. So what needs to happen now is: Ask the sender of the e-mail that you are missing to send you one e-mail into your regular e-mail address and also one to your tmmail.org address. As a note, you can yourself test this by using GMail or any other free web mail service that is outside your company and just do the same. Make the subject of this test e-mail "TEST <your actual e-mail address>". Depending on the results, see below...

Step 7) IF you receive one copy of that e-mail in your tmmail.org address but not the one sent to your regular address, you must contact the administrator of YOUR mail server to handle this problem.

Step 8) IF you receive both copies of the e-mail, then the problem was maybe temporary or the sender sent the e-mail to the wrong address to begin with.

Step 9) IF you didn't receive any of the e-mails and you know for sure that the e-mail was sent, the first thing is to use the TM Search again on the very same subject "TEST <your actual e-mail address>". If the e-mail is still not found, then please contact TM Support - this may be a problem at the TM side or at the side of the sender, but you will not be able to handle it yourself, and so we will be happy to help.

Step 10) Please do not contact TM Support if you did not first follow the steps above. Based on the statistics of similar calls and complaints, it's VERY, VERY rare that the problem is at the TM side - usually it can be solved by the user.

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