Marking Items as Read or Unread

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In TimeMaker you can control whether or not an item should be automatically marked as read or left as unread.

It's part of TM General Settings:

1. Go to Tools and General Settings.

AutomaticMarkAsRead 1.PNG

2. In the General settings click on Communication in the left panel. On the right side under the first section Tree, you can find "Automatic mark as Read". When you click on the black arrow next to the field "By preview", you will see for options in the pull-up menu.

The options are:

Only on open - Item is marked as read only when you open the item within a new window.

On select - Item is marked as read simply when you just select the item.

After move out - Item is marked as read only once you've selected that item and THEN selected another item.

By Preview - Item is marked as read when you select it and you have the preview of the item visible, or if the preview is not visible then only when you open the item in a new window.


You can also manually mark the item as read or unread by setting up the shortcut, you can find this option again in the left panel in "General settings" as you can see on the picture below.


Or finally by right clicking on item and selecting Mark as read/Mark as unread

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