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Jump to: navigation, search is an application for instant screen sharing. It can be used to present, train, demo or concept.

In this article, you will get information on how to get started with in order to start training (webinar) with one of our TimeMaker trainers.

1. In order to join a webinar with TimeMaker at, please click on the link below.

2. A window will show up as you can see from the picture below. In the white field, where it says Enter name, type in your name and then click on the green button "knock to join".

Joinme 1.png

3. After you will be able to see the trainer' s screen. On top of the Screen is the menu - 5 green round icons.

Joinme 6.png

4. It may happen during the lesson, that the trainer will ask you to be the presenter. Which means that you would swap roles - you would be the one to share the screen. You would see on your screen a little window "It' s your time to shine", where you would click on the green button "download".

Joinme 3.png

5. After you click download there may appear a window "Application Run - Security warning" as you can see from the picture below. Please click on the button "Run".

Joinme 4.png

6. Then the program will start downloading and as soon as it is finished, you would be the presenter. That means your Screen is now shared.

Joinme 5.png

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