How to forward Emails to your TimeMaker

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If you would like to send and receive emails from and to your TimeMaker you need to associate TimeMaker with your email account (like @gmail, @yahoo or others) and then forward emails from your current account or email client to TimeMaker.

If you administrate your own server you would generally need to go to your settings and set up the forwarding. Each server can differ.

Below is a simple example on how to set up forwarding emails to your TimeMaker from Google account (Gmail).

1. Before you get started to find out what your default TimeMaker email is. The simplest way is to open your TimeMaker and click on the “Email button” in the main menu.

Email Forwarding 01.png

2. Choose “TMmail Account”.

Email Forwarding 02.png

3. A new window “TMmail Accounts Manager” comes up.

Email Forwarding 03.png

4. Your Company email box (red box below) is your main TimeMaker email. With this email, you can associate your other email accounts (from Gmail, yahoo, your own server, etc.).

Email Forwarding 04.png

5. Now you are ready to open your Google account. Log in as if you wanted to handle your emails. In the main page click on the “Settings” button.

Email Forwarding 05.png

6. A new drop down window appears. Select “Settings”.

Email Forwarding 06.png

7. In the Settings select the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab”.

Email Forwarding 07.png

8. In the upper section click on button “Add a forwarding address”.

Email Forwarding 08.png

9. Type in the TimeMaker default email (from point 4).

Email Forwarding 09.png

10. Click on “Next”.

Email Forwarding 10.png

11. Confirm by clicking the “Proceed” button.

Email Forwarding 11.png

12. A window notifying you will come up that you are getting a confirmation code to your email (to your TimeMaker). Click on “OK”.

Email Forwarding 12.png

13. Note that you will see the Forwarding page again.

Email Forwarding 13.png

14. Go to your TimeMaker account you are forwarding your email to. Locate the email from Gmail Team and open it.

15. Read the email and confirm the request.

Email Forwarding 15.png

16. If done successfully similar web page as in the picture below opens.

Email Forwarding 16.png

17. Go back to the web page where you were setting up Forwarding. Notice there is no change there. The page DOESN’T refresh automatically.

Email Forwarding 13.png

18. Click on your “Inbox” or any other button and then get back to the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” via “Settings” page and notice the change is uploaded.

Email Forwarding 18.png

19. Select the forwarding so it is active and define how you want to handle emails received to your Gmail Inbox.

Email Forwarding 19.png

20. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and “Save” your changes.

Email Forwarding 20.png

21. From now on any NEW INCOMING email to your Gmail will be also forwarded to your TimeMaker account. To ensure you have applied all the changes successfully send yourself a testing email to see if it comes to your TimeMaker. If not one of the above steps is omitted or altered so please revise all the steps.

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