How to export Emails from TimeMaker to Outlook

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How to export e-mails from TimeMaker to Microsoft Outlook or another email client

In this article, you will get information on how to use the MailStore tool, which exports TimeMaker emails to Microsoft Outlook.

1. Download and install the tool for archiving and exporting the e-mails “MailStore”. Here is the link to download MailStore:

Outlook 1.png

2. The first thing you need to do in MailStore is to Archive e-mails from TimeMaker.

Moving to outlook2.png

3.A new window “Archive E-mail” opens. Under section “E-mail Account” type in the e-mail address, you use in TimeMaker and then click on the Start button.

Moving to outlook3.png

4.The window “MailStore” opens. In the “Password” field type in the password which you use to log into your TimeMaker account. And then click on the OK button.

Moving to outlook4.png

5.Automatically a message appears: “MailStore was unable to auto-detect your e-mail account settings. Please configure the settings manually.” Just confirm by clicking the OK button

Moving to outlook5.png

6.In the window “Archive E-mail Account” put in the server name. This will provide our tech supporter, just contact the live support. After you type the server name in, confirm by clicking on the OK button.

Moving to outlook6.png

7.A window will appear with the information that your profile has been created. Confirm by clicking the OK button.

Moving to outlook7.png

8.This profile will appear in the mail window under “Saved Profiles” section.

Moving to outlook8.png

9.Double click on the profile to start archiving. It will take a couple of minutes to download and archive all the folders you have in TimeMaker.

Moving to outlook9.png

10.After the process of archiving is done just click the Close button at the bottom.

Moving to outlook10.png

11.Then go back to “Start Page” and click on the option “Export E-mail” as you can see on the picture below.

Moving to outlook11.png

12.Click on the option Microsoft Outlook if you want to export your emails to Outlook. The window “Export to Microsoft Outlook” will appear.

Moving to outlook12.png

13.Just pick the folder you want to move. You do not need to move one folder by one just pick the parent folder and move all the folders at one. After you pick the correct folder click the Next button.

Moving to outlook13.png

14. Make sure you pick the correct Outlook Profile, where you want to export the folder. NOTE: This will MERGE with existing emails in the Outlook Profile you choose. Then click on the Next button.

Moving to outlook14.png

15.The MailStore information window will appear with confirmation that a new profile has been created. Just confirm by clicking the OK button.

Moving to outlook15.png

16. Then the export to Microsoft Outlook will begin.

Moving to outlook16.png

17. After the process of exporting is finished confirm by clicking the Close button.

Moving to outlook17.png

18. Then just open your Microsoft Outlook and see that the exported folders will be under “MailStore Export” folder. Then you can move the folders wherever you want.

Moving to outlook18.png

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