How to export Emails from TimeMaker to MBOX format

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You can export emails from TM at MBOX format that can be open at Mozilla Thunderbird or used at Linux mail server.

To export the emails you need first make sure that all attachments of your E-mails are downloaded to your local computer.

Go to menu File -> Tools -> Download all E-mails Attachments


It will take a while and you need to wait until all files are downloaded.

You can see progress at the bottom of your TimeMaker.


Once all files are downloaded you go to next step.

Go to menu File -> Export -> TMMail Folders


Select the very top folder


and then ok.

After that select where you want to export the folder.

At the last question answer that you want to export also all subfolders.

This process will take a while and at the end, you will have at selected folders all your emails in MBOX format.

Now you can import them to Thunderbird or move to Linux server or Import into the Outlook via Aid4Mail [[1]]

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