How to create an Email Rule for a specific email

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1. Right click on the email to get the full Drop Down Menu and choose “Create New E-mail Rule”. Note you are not creating a Filing Rule but Email Rule.

Create an Email Rule 01.png

2. "Create new E-mail rule” window appears. Note you are setting the Email Rule for Incoming emails.

Create an Email Rule 02.png

3. Define which attributes of the email will apply to the Email Rule (by email address, Sender name, etc.).

Create an Email Rule 03.png

4. Define where to route the email.

Create an Email Rule 04.png

5. Define if the email should be automatically marked as “Read” and the color should stay as black or otherwise.

Create an Email Rule 05.png

6. Then press OK at the bottom of the “Create Mail Filter” window to confirm your selection.

7. The next incoming email will be automatically routed to the assigned folder.

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