How to Restore Lost Filing Rules

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TM Version: 1.2.761 and higher

If you lose your Filing Rules - which doesn't usually happen, but it can for example when synchronizing TimeMaker with more computers, you can restore them.

Go to the Filtering Office by going to the E-Mail menu:

Restore rules 1.PNG

And you will get the following window.


(Note: If the window has a different toolbar with small buttons, then you have the old version of TM where this feature we are talking about today doesn't exist)

In this window, you will see at the top the button "Restore from Backup". Once you click that button, all available old versions will be shown.


(Note: In a newly installed TimeMaker this menu will be empty)

By clicking on the date, the Filing Rules from that date will be restored. The actual version of the filing rule will be saved under the current date so you can easily go back to it.

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