How To Create a Distribution List

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This document shows you how to create a list of email contacts for bulk email sending. Please note that TimeMaker limits the number of emails you can send in one day.The reason is that otherwise, certain other email systems can mark you as a spam sender if you send over about 300 bulk e-mails a day. If you really need to send bulk e-mails often, we have systems we recommend you can use along with TimeMaker for mass email sending.

To setup Distribution List follow these steps:

1. At Contact module select either All or Personal contact folder, than press New distribution list button Distribution list1.png

2. Window popup, here click to add new members Distribution list2.png

3. From desired folders either double click or select and Add selected contacts for the list. Chosen contacts are shown at the bottom part. Submit with "OK"

NOTE: Only contacts with filled email address are visible in the folders Distribution list3.png

4. Check if every member you want is present on the list. Then fill in list name details as needed. Finally Save&Close Distribution list4.png

5. Now you can drag & drop newly created list to your preferred contact folder

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