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In TimeMaker, we have two different forms of mail: TimeMaker Messages and E-Mails.


TM Messages are sent between TM users. There are a few benefits: they can have bigger attachments (up to 150Mb), they can't ever really be deleted from the server, and seniors may use a function with their juniors which require a reply before the message can be deleted.

E-mail is sent from or to any e-mail address - like usual.

The disadvantage of TM Messages is that they are not visible over mobile devices because they are not e-mails.

Therefore, some people prefer to make all TM Messages be sent rather only as e-mails. In order to do this, there are settings that need to be configured for each user in the administration of TimeMaker.

Go to the "Administration" of TM, (Note: in order to do this, you need to be an Administrator in TM) through the Tools button in your Main menu. After you click on the Administration there will be another pull-up menu, pick "Users" there.

TM messages 4.PNG

The window "Administration" will open. Pick the user you want to forward TM messages to and then click on the button "Edit user" in the top menu.

TM messages 5.PNG

Another window "Editing of user" will open. Click on the box User Properties and set up an e-mail address where you want all the TM Messages in the line below under "Redirect all TM Messages to Email address" to be forwarded to: ...

TM messages 6.PNG

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