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One of the most important thing about statistics is doing statistics.

As a junior/collector at your company, or if you are doing statistics on your own, you should make statistics collecting your routine. Set notification for the first few days, before you build your routine. Take your time and find the best hour when to post your collected data according to kind of statistics.

Make statistics your friend not enemy. And they will pay it for you.



TimeMaker has several ways how to post your statistic data. Some have advantages according to what are you doing. We will discuss all of them, use whatever suits you.

Enter Your Statistics Data / Grid Entry

This is the most common view to entering statistic data. You can reach it from any module by the button on main panel (Ctrl+E). Or of course from Statistics module.


When the button is clicked new window appear. From here you can see all statistic you are collecting. You can filter them, check the latest progress and even import data from a file.

TIP: If you have no Statistics assigned this is how the window looks


This is how the window look usually: -Description below

Grid entry.png

Top left: At Action box, you can save entered data, import from file or cancel current filling. WARNING: Do not forget to save before quit!

Top center: At Item part, you can adjust period to fill in or shown columns

Item description
Show period totals Count sum for respected period (week sum for daily statistics, month for weekly and year for monthly)
Show only selected When you select one of the statistics below, this hide every other, so you can more easily filter it
Hide empty columns hide non-filled data, works best with Show only selected
Hide what entered hide filled data, works best with Show only selected
->Show Today Hide dates after today till the end of period
Organize by: Group list of statistics Default - alphabetical, Period - collecting period of statistics
Folders: Show Stats folder in list In column - after stats name, In row - line above stats name, None
Period: Choose how far to the past you want to show the statistics
Days back: How many days back for custom period
Show week back Add a week to shown period
Filter today Show only today
Today Jump to today, filtered period stay untouched
Lock edit Lock editing previously saved data
Settings Link to general settings for changing visual of window

Top right: At target part you can managed targets. We will talk this later at Targets

Middle part of screen:

Here you have date selection panel. TIP: you can move panel with the mouse wheel and zoom out by clicking the month.

And below at center is List of your current collecting statistics TIP: Calendar icon at the beginning of stats name shows collecting period (1 = day, 7 = week. 31 = month)

Under you can filter list by name to search stat you need to fill and add comments to entered values TIP: Each value can have own comment

Bottom of the screen: Here are your latest values for selected statistic.

Quick entry

When you get directly to Statistics Module you get other possibilities how to enter your data or Viewing Statistics.

While Grid entry is great for daily routine on all your stats.

Quick entry is better for fast changing or fitting few numbers. Especially when you are checking how the statistic is going.

To start first locate chosen statistic at tree list. TIP: It can be filtered at the bottom

Stat tree.png

Now you double click the stats and let it open. If you want to use Quick entry first ensure that it is open, you ha selected graph entry and yourself. Follow the screenshot below:


Period of days shown for Quick entry can be adjusted by filtering the view of the statistic. Click the checkbox before From - To filter and adjust period as you wish. The screen is below. More about filtering view under Viewing Statistics

Quick period.png

Free entry

Last way to fill in your statistic data is Free entry. This is best used when you need to fill in data for future days.

Start by right mouse button on selected statistic at stats tree.


New window popup, there you can easily add new days and fill in, as it is shown in the screenshot. Do not forget to save before leaving!!

Free entry.png

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