E-Mails Not Showing Up in the Sent Items Folder

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Sometimes, customers report they are missing mail in the Sent Items folder.

Usually, the reason is Filing Rules that they set up.

TimeMaker has a feature which makes it so the rules set for the filing of INCOMING e-mails (which has to be applied manually), is AUTOMATICALLY applied to work for SENT e-mails. It's a very useful and practical tool as you then have all mail for a specific person or subject, in the entirety of its thread (including e-mails sent), filed in one folder.

However, if you don't like this feature, you can turn it off.

First, make sure that the missing mail is found (and then organized in folders of course). Use the TM Search module to find the sent mail that you are missing by putting the e-mail address of the recipient into the Who or To field and press Search.

Sent Mail have Purple arrows on the mail envelope icons.

Search has a column showing the folder where the mail is located.


Once you confirm that you have the sent items, and have organized them as you wish, the next thing is to change the Filing settings. If you can't find the sent mail, please contact online support [1]

Go to TM General Settings


And select "Filing" on the left. Now change "Apply Filing on Outgoing Mail" to Never.


From now on, all sent mail will stay in the Sent Mail folder unless you set up a specific rule stating otherwise.

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