Backing Up Your TimeMaker Contacts

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If you want to back up your contacts data from TimeMaker, you can do it by going to File -> Export -> TimeMaker Contacts in top left menu

Export contacts.PNG

After this, you select a folder with contacts that you want to back up and the save window will appear:

Export contacts save.PNG

At the bottom, you can select the format you'd like to save it in.

Contacts Export file (*.tmc) is an internal TimeMaker format that exports all the data, including internal values.

XML Format (*.xml) same as '.tcm', but this file extension can be opened with other software such as MS Excel.

CSV Format (*.CSV) is a comma separated value (the information is separated by commas) that can be used by many applications. In this file, only the main data are exported.

If you want to import data in TMC format back to TimeMaker you need to use File -> Open Exported Item and select the TMC file:

File Open Exported Item.PNG

Also you can use File -> Import for more import file types.

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